Teaser Video from Carbon Dioxide Ensemble Rehearsal for April 5th Show

I'll be performing a solo set plus a set with the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble at the Concréte Mixer V - featuring Mark Spybey of Dead Voices on Air show on April 5th 2015.

FB: facebook.com/events/833210090084725/863171970421870/
Tickets: thewalnutroom.com/event/779415-dead-voices-on-air-randall-denver/

We've cooked up some more interesting ways to be expressive with dry ice. Here is a teaser video.

Carbon Dioxide Ensemble Rehearsal for Concréte Mixer V April 5, 2015 from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.

Photos from Denver Synth Meet

Mark Mosher - Denver Synth 01b - photo by synthtopia

I attended and performed at the Denver Synth Meet on March 14th. It was a great event with many attendees coming in from out of town. 

Here are some photos of the general event as an album on Flickr.

After 5pm, musical performances began which included the following lineup.


I performed my full controllerism set performing songs off of my three alien invasion cinematic electronica albums Reboot, I Hear Your Signals, and Fear Cannot Save Us

Synthtopia was in the house and got some fantastic photos of my set. I performed using Ableton Live with tons of virtual instruments I played using Ableton Push, keys (Nord Lead 4), Tenori-On, and Percussa Audio Cubes. on the center screen were my visuals which are created on the fly with live camera input and real-time FX (Live acts as my controller hub for this).  I was honored that vent founder Chris Blarsky run a second set of visuals on the outside screens during my set.

Here is a flickr album of my set

What a great event - especially for the first year. 

I’ll be Performing at the Denver Synth Meet March 14th

If you live in the Denver/Boulder area come by the Denver Synth Meet. This is a brand new event so come by and show your support and geek out. Details below and at http://www.denversynth.com.

The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup will be hosting a table at the event so come by and say hi.


FYI I’ll be performing my full-on alien invasion controllerism show. I’ll not only be running my visuals, but Denver Synth Founder Chris Blarsky will be join in with a second set of visuals projected on to balloons. It should be crazy. I go on just after 7:30 pm.

Here some photos from past shows to give you a sense for what you’ll see.


Are You Ready to Hear a Copper Heart Played with Dry Ice Fed Through to an Octatrack with Theremin Accompaniment?


Are you ready to hear a copper heart played with dry ice fed through to an Octatrack with Theremin accompaniment? Well here you go.

Video of live concert footage: Concréte Mixer IV Denver - Co2 Copper Heart vs Octatrack vs Theremin with Thomas Lundy and Victoria Lundy. Recorded live at the Concréte Mixer IV concert at the Walnut Room in Denver on January 30th, 2015. I am live sampling the Copper Heart with an Elektron Octatrack and providing drum elements, Victoria Lunday is playing Theremin. The only audio source for Octatrack other than drum samples. Shot with GoPro with audio from Zoom H2n recording ambient room sound.

Live Concert Footage: Concréte Mixer IV Denver - Co2 Copper Heart vs Octatrack vs Theremin from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.

Concert: Concréte Mixer IV at Walnut Room Denver, Friday Jan 30th, 9pm

I am excited to be returning for my fourth Concréte Mixer show. At this event, I will use an Octatrack dynamic sampler to incorporate real-time audio output from other musicians at the event to create expressive "instruments" on-the-fly. I will also perform a solo piece manipulating field recordings with infrared AudioCube controllers. To accompany the music and sound for the show, I will also be providing interactive visuals with live camera input.

Friday January 305h, 9pm
The Walnut Room, Denver
3131 Walnut St, Denver, CO
$8 advance / $10 at the door

Tickets: http://www.thewalnutroom.com/event/756647-concete-mixer-iv-solo-denver/

RSVP on FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/events/867071910010193/

“I can feel, as if it were quivering in my memory, the whole drama of these last three years of experimentation […] The miracle of concrete music is […] things begin to speak by themselves, as if they were bringing a message from a world unknown to us and outside us.”
– Pierre Schaeffer, “In Search of a Concrete Music”

The Walnut Room in Denver has been a loyal supporter of experimental and ambient artists, and is a beautiful venue with superior sound and the best audio engineers in town. On January 30, five artists from different realms of performance and composition will convene at the Walnut Room to present an evening of acoustic, analog electronic and digital noises, sound effects and tonal music inspired by the musique concréte form and philosophy. Mark Mosher will create expressive sample-based “instruments” on-the-fly, building up his instruments in real-time by sampling his own synthesizers as well as capturing audio from contact mics, and output from the other artists. To compliment the music and sound, Mark will also project interactive visuals. He will be joined by electronic musicians Rod Tanaka and Mike Metlay, theremin artist Victoria Lundy, Concréte Mixer curator Thomas Lundy, and sound designer and musician Rick Reid all performing solo and interactive work.

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New Short Film + Vimeo Channels

New Short Film

To start the new year off with a bang I've released a brand new film "Headlights" - An Original Psychedelic Short Film with Synthesized Score.

Headlights - An Original Psychedelic Short Film with Synthesized Score from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.


Making Of

If you would like to geek out and see a "making of" the soundtrack film watch this.

The Making of Headlights Soundtrack from Mark Mosher on Vimeo.

Announcing My New Vimeo Channels

To bring you the best viewing experience for my videos, I've created a new set of channels on Vimeo. As of this newsletter there are 25+ videos online with more to come.
All the videos are HD so if you want to hear all those lovely sonic colors I work so hard to create consider watching my videos from your home theater system using Roku, Xbox,your smart TV, chrome play and more. Vimeo also has the groovy couch mode.
If you want to keep up with these channels, use the "Follow me" button on pages on Vimeo.

Supporting The Art & Work

If you would like to show appreciation for my art and/or find my articles save you time and inspire you consider supporting my efforts through:

Cheers from your synth friend,
Mark Mosher

Boulder, CO

Made it to Top 25 on US Electronica Charts + Photos from Show at Gates Concert Hall

Mark Mosher Music News: Made it to Top 25 on US Electronica Charts + Photos from Show at Gates Concert Hall

Hi Mark,
Here is all the latest news from the synth bunker. Details below.

  • Album Fear Cannot Save Us now on ReverbNation
  • How to gift my music
  • Cracked the Top 25 for US and Top 100 for Global Electronica Charts!
  • Photos from Show at Denver's Gates Concert Hall at Lamont School of Music
  • New synth geek articles on Modulate This! blog
  • Press

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season,
Mark Mosher
Boulder, CO
Cinematic Electronica | Musique concrète | Multimedia Concerts
www.MarkMosherMusic.com | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Fear Cannot Save Us Now on ReverbNation

All the songs from my  2014 cinematic electronica release Fear Cannot Save Us are now available on ReverbNation. Click here to listen for FREE - pass it on - http://www.reverbnation.com/markmosher/album/84763-fear-cannot-save-us.
Cover of Fear Cannot Save Us Ablum by Mark Mosher
If you dig what you hear and want these tunes on your personal device you can buy via  Bandcamp (buy from here to get digital booklet), iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and even Spotify.

How to Gift My Music
Bandcamp has a nifty gift feature. Under the "Buy Now" link there is a "Send as Gift" Link. You'll be prompted for the recipient’s name, email, and can send along a personal message as you checkout.

Song "Act Natural" Helps Me Crack the Top 25 for US and Top 100 for Global Electronica Charts!
Speaking of ReverbNation, my song "Act Natural" trended over multiple days just after I uploaded it boosting me up in the Electronica charts - woot!  Thanks to all the listens I broke into the top 25 in the US and the top 100 globally for the Electronica charts the week of November 10th!
Fear Cannot Save Us is inspired by great concept albums such as Dark Side of the Moon and Tangerine Dreams Sorcerer film soundtrack. While I was not trying to copy these albums I do give them a nod here and there. In "Act Natural" you can hear a nod to Dave Gilmour at 2:26 in the track. You'll never guess which synth I used :^) I'll reveal the answer in my next newsletter.

Photos from Concréte Mixer Concert at University of Denver's Gates Concert Hall at Lamont School of Music

Back in October I announced that I'd be performing in the Concréte Mixer Concert at the University of Denver's glorious Gates Concert Hall at Lamont School of Music. It was a music career highlight for me and just a fantastic show and audience.

I finally got around to creating a flickr photo album. I also scanned the program if you'd like to learn more about the this Music Concréte series including details about the pieces and the technology.

Click here to view it or click on the image below.

Recent Articles on My Synth Geek Blog - Modulate This!

For over 9 years I've been posting articles on my synth geek blog Modulate This! Here are some recent articles.


view all

"Some of Denver's Most Challenging Music Finds a New Audience at DU...Perhaps out of this performance, a new crop of adventurous musicians will take root in Denver or at least a greater awareness of the existence of an experimental scene in Denver spread to people who might be completely ignorant of it."  — Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine

"3 Years in the making , Mark Mosher Release New Cinematic Electronica Album "Fear Cannot Save Us""  — Mark Mosher Music News

"Mark Mosher is one of the most active synth-fanatics in the Denver area. He creates music, leads a scene of performers, helps organize the Boulder Area Synth Meetup, does example and tutorial videos for hardware and software - and probably doesn't sleep much. This last week he put out a new album Fear Cannot Save Us, which is a continuation of the science fiction themes from his earlier albums Reboot and I Hear Your Signals, but is also one of the finest classic electronic music albums I've heard in a while."  — Darwin Grosse, Art + Music + Technology Podcast

"Best Experimental Mix Denver 2014 - Watt? Amplified and Supercharged Music Expression. Mark Mosher organized the Boulder Synthesizer Meet-Up to connect with others interested in using technology in music. He found kindred spirits in internationally touring trombone player Darren Kramer and Victoria Lundy of the Inactivists and the now-defunct Carbon Dioxide Orchestra. The trio played through Mosher's audio rig, with Kramer processing his trombone through analog and digital devices and Lundy joining him on her theremin. Playing separate sets with a collaborative performance at the end, Kramer, Lundy and Mosher presented a tour de force on the current state of electronic music and its future."  — Westword Newspaper

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